Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up.....sorta

My oh my how the time do fly....traveling just sucks all the time right out of studio play and creative art making but soon I'll be home for a nice long stretch of time. I haven't been totally idle, just a blogging slacker...however I just completed a five day Pop Up books arts workshop at the Oregon Collage of Arts and Crafts, Portland OR, with the irrepressible paper engineer and book artist, Carol Barton . Do check out her website if you have any interest in creating books that move, pop up, tunnel, expand and contract.

And now for some of the goodies I created using Outline stamps for a class coming up on July 6th at Rubber Stamp O Rama in Philomath, Oregon.

Fun putting all these wonderful deeply etched rubber stamps to good use. Unfortunately Outline Stamps has gone out of if you were clever enough to purchase these lovelies already you now have collectors images in your stash.